• Just Cause 4 - PS4/XB1/PC (audio directorlead; Square Enix)

• JustCause 3 - PS4/XB1/PC (audio lead; Square Enix)

• The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - PS3/360/PC (lead dialog editor; 2K Games)

• BioShock 2 - PS3/360/PC (lead dialog editor; 2K Games)

• League Of Legends - PC (VO director/ VO designer; RIOT Games)

• Crime Craft - PC (sound designer; Vogster Ent.)

• Barbie Diaries: High School Mystery Game - PC (audio director; Super-Ego/Activision)

• Rat Race - PS3 (audio director; Super-Ego Games/Sony)

• Emerald City Confidential - PC (VO co-director/ recordist; Wadget Eye/Playfirst)

• The Sims 2 - PC (dialog editor; Maxis/EA)

• Tycoon City New York - PC (VO director & engineer; Deep Red/Atari)


• Realm Of LARP - TV pilot (producer, re-record mixer, sound designer)

• Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! - live comedy feature film (re-recording mixer, location recordist, sound editor)

• Awkward Comedy Show - Comedy Central special (re-recording mixer, location recordist, sound editor)

• Roboto Supremo - short film (re-recording mixer, location mixer, sound designer)

• Crackatron - animated series (re-recording mixer, sound designer)

• The Partition - animated short (re-recording mixer, sound designer)

• Next Song Off Our New Album – sitcom pilot (re-recording mixer, sound designer)